Consulting Services, Account Management and Promotional Opportunities

Real World Experience

When social media exploded several years ago it was a natural fit for our marketing background. We decided to put our time and energy into growing our online community and helping local businesses grow as well. In less than 3 years @NisekoJapan became the largest and fastest growing social media account in all of Niseko… and is one of the most popular in the entire prefecture of Hokkaido. Our success is a result of our genuine passion for Niseko, Hokkaido and the local community, but also the quality of our content, our growth strategies, account management methods and marketing know-how. We are the only INDEPENDENT social media account of our size in Hokkaido. We are not affiliated with any particular resort, brand or organization, which enables us to provide unique and targeted promotional opportunities for local businesses as well as outdoor and travel related brands and services. To view our account CLICK HERE.

Do you want to reach your target customers consistently and effectively? To learn more about our services and how we help brands like yours, continue reading below…

Why Social Media?

Social media is not only nice to have, it’s mandatory in today’s market. It’s one of the first things that your customers see when considering giving you their business. What does your social media say about you, your brand and your unique offering? Are you reaching your target audience quickly, effectively and consistently?

In today’s high consumption marketplace, we don’t just consume goods and services, we consume digital media and visual content. Businesses and brands need content and they need it often. But it’s not just about quantity, it’s about quality.

Our photography, marketing and social media experience makes us the perfect partner to collaborate with.

Our Background

Back in the U.S. we owned and operated a marketing and distribution company for a decade, helping businesses to research, plan and implement marketing strategies. We worked with businesses of all sizes, from small start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. Our work ethic and passion for marketing resulted in long-term, sustained growth. We were able to build an organization as well as a brand and our team grew to over 30 employees. We eventually sold the company to focus on our other passions – photography, travel, and spending more time outdoors doing the activities we love. We changed our lifestyle and location and now we’re even more inspired to work with you to create fast, effective, consistent content and social media marketing campaigns.

What we offer

We help businesses of all sizes to gain a better online presence and reach their target customers effectively and consistently. Some of the services we offer include but are not limited to:

  • Photography services
  • Content creation
  • Introduction to social media platforms and assistance with setting up an account
  • Growth strategy and analytics
  • Scheduling and automation
  • Best practices
  • Social media management
  • Promotions and collaborations