Sea And Summit Media & Adventures 

Terms & Conditions

These term and conditions shall serve as a contract between Sea And Summit Media, GK, (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) with respect to certain commissioned services for an individual, a group, or a third party booking Agent (hereinafter referred to as the “Guest.”) 

Booking & Payment. The Guest’s preferred date of service can not be guaranteed until payment is made by the Guest or by a booking agent. Payment for any services, in part or in whole, made by you or a third party constitutes the agreement of the following terms and conditions. 

Cancellation. Cancellations made more than thirty (30) days in advance of the scheduled date of service are fully refundable. Cancellations made more than seven (7) days but less than thirty (30) days in advance of the scheduled date of service are subject to a cancellation fee of 50% of the total cost of the booking (booking plus processing fees, taxes, etc.). Cancellations made less than seven (7) in advance of the scheduled time of service will be non-refundable. 

Injury/illness. No compensation will be made for any injury or illness incurred once the service has already commenced. Future services may be canceled, rescheduled or refunded upon presentation of a valid medical certificate (doctors note) within 24 hours of the date of service. 

Adverse weather. For snow sports services, if the ski resort lifts are inoperable due to weather, the date of service will be rescheduled. If rescheduling the date of service is not possible due to lack of availability of the Company, the Company will issue a full refund. If there are open courses available for skiing or snowboarding then no refund or rescheduling shall be allowed. The Company reserve the right to cancel or reschedule any service due to adverse weather, which shall be at the sole discretion of the Company’s director. 

Alcohol/Drugs. We want all of our guests to have a good time whilst visiting Hokkaido, however alcohol and drugs can impair your ability to safely ski, snowboard and even walk on the snow or icy roads and walkways. We reserve the right to cancel any service without refund if the guest is under the influence of alcohol or drugs. 

Accident & Personal liability. Outdoor activities including but not limited to hiking/trekking, wading, walking on rocks, slopes, lake shores or beaches, fishing, swimming, surfing, paddling, and snowsports such as skiing and snowboarding, in various terrain within and out with the mountain resort environment, is inherently dangerous and are classed as a hazardous activities. As is walking on snow or ice covered slopes, streets, walkways, etc. Sea And Summit Media and our representatives cannot be held liable for any accident, injury, illness or minor or serious bodily harm or any injury or death that occurs prior, during or after an accident incurred during an outdoor activity service. Sea And Summit Media and our representatives cannot be held liable for any loss and/or damage of equipment or personal items prior, during or after an outdoor activity service. This includes replacement costs or lost time of a service.

Lift passes. Lift passes must be purchased prior to the commencement of the service and the pass must be valid for the duration of the service. Any portion of the scheduled service that is missed due to the guest not having a valid lift pass is non-refundable. If you are unsure whether you need a lift pass for the scheduled service, please contact us at least 24 hours prior to the date and time of service. 

Clothing and equipment. Please organize any and all appropriate clothing, trekking equipment, fishing gear, winter clothing, ski and snowboard equipment, etc. prior to the date and time of service. Please arrive at the time and date of service with all necessary equipment, gear and clothing and ready to depart. 

Commencement of service. If the guest is not on time for the scheduled date and time of service, no time in addition to the originally scheduled duration of service will be added to the service. We understand that issues may arise and guests may be late for a service. If this happens, please contact the company representative or Sea And Summit Media’s director to notify them of the schedule change. 

Travel insurance. All visiting international guests must have valid travel insurance that covers the guests for any accidents incurred while participating in any activity during the service. This includes snow sports, hiking, trekking, fishing, swimming, paddling, surfing, slips and falls, illness incurred, or any other accident that may occur during the service or in transit to the service. Sea And Summit Media and its representatives cannot be held financially responsible in part or in whole for any medical costs that the Guest incurs.

Release. Guest grants permission to the Company to use the images (still images and videos) for commercial purposes including marketing and advertising. The images may appear on the Company’s website, social media and other promotional platforms, and may be licensed for commercial use by the Company’s clients. However, should you prefer that we not use the images for marketing and commercial purposes, please kindly notify us and we will gladly refrain from using the images for any purpose.