Shikotsu Ice Festival Tours

Experience the magic of ice and light this winter during a guided tour of the Shikotsu Ice Festival, a celebration of winter wonder set against the picturesque backdrop of Lake Shikotsu in Hokkaido, Japan.

As the temperature drops and Lake Shikotsu freezes over, skilled artisans carve and sculpt massive blocks of ice into intricate and breathtaking sculptures resembling a small “village of ice and light.”

The festival is a multisensory experience. As the sun sets, the real magic begins. The ice sculptures are brilliantly illuminated, casting a soft and ethereal glow across the frozen landscape. The play of light and ice creates a dreamlike atmosphere, perfect for romantic strolls.

Your guide is a professional photographer and will capture the unique scenery as well as memorable photos of you and your loved ones.

About The Tour

Tours are for 2-7 guests and include private transportation from and back to your accomodation in Niseko. Sit back and relax as we depart from the ordinary and journey into the extraordinary.

We’ll explore all of the awe-inspiring features of the ice festival and your guide, who is also a professional photographer, will capture photos of the sculptures as well as you and your family enjoying one of Hokkaido’s premiere winter events.

Pricing from ¥30,000 per person. Minimum 4 guests or ¥120,000.

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