Landscape & Wildlife Photography Workshops


Epic landscapes, unique wildlife, national parks, and a UNESCO heritage sight. On our winter workshop, we will experience a ride aboard an icebreaker, drift ice, rolling hills, snow-covered volcanic peaks, lakes, and unique wildlife including the Red-crowned Crane, Seller’s Sea Eagles, White Tailed Eagles, Shika (deer), Foxes and maybe even the elusive Ezo Momonga, Hokkaido’s cutest resident.

Summer workshops can include lakes, rivers, mountain springs, volcanoes, waterfalls, flower fields, birding, paddling, wildlife, and more…. the options are endless. If trekking is of interest, we can hike to some pretty amazing places with incredible landscapes to experience and photograph.

Eastern Hokkaido is raw and rugged but not without its creature comforts. We will stay at comfortable onsen hotels and dine on Hokkaido’s regional specialties. Pricing depends on the number of days we spend together. Contact us now to create the perfect, customized itinerary. Prepare to fall in love with Hokkaido and take home some truly epic images.

Sample Itinerary – Winter Photography Workshop

Day 1

  • Pick up
  • Central Hokkaido
  • Biei
  • Snowscapes – minimalist landscapes
  • Shirihage waterfall
  • Blue Pond
  • Stay in Asahikawa city
  • Izakaya or Genghis Khan BBQ

Day 2

  • Diasetsuzan National Park
  • Waterfalls, rivers, gorges
  • Frozen lakes and ice fishing
  • Abashiri¬† Icebreaker ship
  • Drift Ice
  • Steller’s and white tailed eagles
  • Cape Notoro
  • Stay in Abashiri

Day 3

  • Akan Mashu National Park
  • Walking and wildlife tour with a naturalist
  • Lake Kussharo
  • Lake Mashu
  • Whooper swans
  • Shiretoko National Park
  • Steller’s and white-tailed eagles
  • Blackinston’s Fish Owl in Rausu

Day 4

  • Shiretotko National Park
  • Steller’s and white-tailed eagles
  • Notsuke sand spit wildlife
  • Sea cliffs
  • Kiritappu
  • Akkeshi
  • Stay in Kushiro
  • Robata dinner

Day 5

  • Red-crowned crane roosting sight at sunrise
  • Capture birds taking flight
  • Cranes dancing at Tsurui sanctuary
  • River wildlife cruise
  • Kushiro marshlands
  • Lake Akan
  • Akan Ainu Kotan
  • Stay in Akan onsen

Day 6

  • Morning on Lake Akan
  • Drive to Sapporo
  • Sapporo city food tour
  • Sapporo TV tower
  • Sapporo Snow Festival (Feb 4-11 only)
  • Sapporo nightlife (if requested)
  • Stay in Sapporo
  • Depart in the morning